Welcome to U.S.K.

The United Sigma Korea is the extremely high IQ society with E.S.K. > IQ 180 S.D.16 which is located in South Korea but an international society founded in 2007 by HanKyung Lee, M.D.

We are a threefold society with T.S.K., F.S.K. and E.S.K. of one’s cognitive ability performance very strictly reviewed by our psychometitor team with advisory directors.

Extreme Sigma Korea – E.S.K. society

E.S.K. > IQ 180 SD16

Four Sigma Korea – F.S.K. society

F.S.K. > IQ 164 SD16

Three Sigma Korea – T.S.K. society

T.S.K. > IQ 148 SD16

Each group of cognitive level has each discussion group for the andvanced study and research brainstorming with people having severely high intelligence.


All men by nature desire to know. – Aristotle


The object of knowledge is what exists and its function to know about reality. – Plato