Why U.S.K.

The aim of the United Sigma Korea is to gather the people who have the very high level of intelligence, and provide a place of real intellectual discussion that TSK, FSK, ESK members are encouraged to share a big think and project with the logical, philosophical and academic mind. We would not be just one of high I.Q. society as solving a puzzle, but we are the initiative of the intelligent enteprise to solve ultimate concerns of human beings.

The United Sigma Korea – USK society may have significant meaning enough as one of I.Q. society in the world. South Korea always have been top I.Q. and education ranking country in the world by official statistics and reported academic resources. Once you participate in this project which is to gather the selected one who has the extremely high cognitive performance, you should be a member of the society which is the best I.Q. and education country in the world.


(Pearson, 2014)

In the history, South Korean couldn’t help using their intelligence to keep identity and survive against other countries, and consequently this environment has helped people do their best in using human cognitive ability. It is well explained considering geopolitical factors which have traditional scientific research and the humanities field academically as well.


(South Korea is top ranked as a country in the World IQ Estimated; Hong Kong is a part of China)

USK society would welcome to the rigorously selected people those who have the top level of intlligence and education for all of creative project.


(Symbol of South Korea)

Establishment of the United Sigma Korea 

1) TSK – founded on Jan 22, 2008

2) FSK – founded on Jul 3, 2007

3) ESK – founded on Jul 25, 2012